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ZiZo's Gelato | Ice Cream

  Luxury Ice Cream Cakes 

We are always trying to create unique desserts to make a difference. This one will not disappoint! We would like to introduce our luxury ice cream cakes, each one handmade using our signature cream, filled with all fresh ingredients.


We have all had a slice of cake but it’s time to bring you an ice cream cake, yes you heard it right, its all ice cream – certainly not a cake!


All our luxury handmade ice cream cakes come hand delivered to your door in luxurious packaging, all you have to do is pop it straight in your freezer and get it out 15- 20 minutes before you would like a slice.


Don’t think you have to eat all in one sitting – once you have sliced, you can simply pop back in the freezer until your taste buds scream for more!


If you want something different and unique for your next occasion our luxury ice cream cake is the right choice!


We currently have a selection of 3 Ice cream cakes to choose from but don’t worry if your favourite flavour sensation is not there email us and we are happy to make a bespoke one just for you!


What are you waiting for? Get ordering yours now if you want a slice of heaven!

Zizo's Gelato

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